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Paintless dent removal has established itself as almost a unique industry with the number and variety of tools made available. The types of tools available and how they are used and in the correct scenario are an important component in paintless dent removal.PDR Tools Types of Tools

The types of tools can vary from rods to hand tools to the type and quality of light bonnet stands to glue pullers you make available in your workplace. Don’t be mistaken, the quality of tools can make the difference in efficiency over time – spend the money now can improve the quality and efficiency into the future and for newcomers provide a strong foundation into the industry standard tools and assist with better dents with less damage.

Stay away from cheaper DIY tools that advertises $500 for 80 pieces for instances. The type of materials used for the expensive tools have gone through extensive testing, trials with experienced pdr technicians and regular feedback as well as requests for modifications. The materials used are also secret formulas of balancing what is incorporated within the metals of those tools to offer strength and flexibility.



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