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PDR Remove and Replace

Remove and Replace

Remove and replace is an important process to understand and not take lightly in terms of both safety and damage in paintless dent removal.

To gain access in paintless dent removal, it is often necessary to remove parts to gain access to the inner surface of the metallic shell of your vehicle to push dents. The most common parts where access is gained and parts removed are rear lights, side lights, hood and roof lining. Care must be taken in all instances as breakage of parts simply adds to the cost and if this has not been included in the quotation process or cannot be added, it comes out of profit. Sometimes breakage is unavoidable such as clips that are brittle from sun. A knowledge of the remove and replace process and experience in this process eventually goes a long way to reducing breakage and subsequent expenses.

The video shows roof lining being dropped and car lights disconnected and place carefully in the vehicle. The process of removal of each component will be demonstrated in other videos but an important take from this video is the care of placing parts in close proximity and in a place where they may not be damaged or parts misplaced. Furthermore, it is important to practice the industry standard procedure of top down – anything that is removed placed vertically below or as close to vertically below as possible. It is also good practice amongst more experienced panel beaters (r and R guys) to place screws and clips in plastic bags and tape them with the part to avoid loss. Whatever is misplaced, damaged or broken often comes out of the pocket of those responsible.