PDR Course Information

0414jd14I have received quite a few enquiries with regards to paintless dent removal courses and what courses should be taken. From my research and from what I have been told, it seems that one of the more cost effective courses and one that has taken the market is PDR Training Australia. At this time, the cost being advertised seems to be $3500 for a 3 Day course. A 5 Day Course is $4500 and more flexibility is being offered overall. And now – Online PDR Courses with excellent videography to illustrate position, techniques, tool usage ALL IN ONE PLACEALL SEQUENTIAL! And stay tuned there is more to be added!

They seem to have the typical course credentials – pushing dents, access points, using  tools, quotations and some other items. These seem to be the standard features being offered by courses that have been researched in various parts of the world.  0414jd18This looks to be an introductory course into the industry and they do acknowledge that like other courses practice in the post course period of 6 to 12 months is essential to gaining the confidence to continue on into the industry.

Why not give it a try!

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