PDR tools used for PDR courses

rods_and_bars-1024x384Many PDR courses provide the pdr tools ready for the courses inclusive in the price of the course. This is usually substantial given full sets of tools can be of the order of up to $5000.

pdr_training_ebook_sample02-900x516Ideally, is the best to have a choice of the paintless dent removal tools one can afford and to be able to obtain starter kits that reduce the cost. Furthermore, it is probably a great idea to provide opportunities for the PDR trainees to try different types of tools and brands to see what makes them feel comfortable.cropped-cropped-pdr_training2-400x170tool_used_to_pull_dent_using_glue_process

Ultradent Tools are also available at www.ultradenttool.com.au

For those who prefer Dentcraft, feel free to check out Dentcraft Tools.